Do you wanna choose a day to share & celebrate with the Echelon all over the world?

Now here’s you chance.

If you want to join #EchelonDayProject here’s what you have to do:

  1. The day you choose must be very special & mean something to you.
  2. You have to tell me the reason why you choose this day to be an EchelonDay,what’s the “story” behind the day.   (Ex: 01/03/2011 is my first time to see Mars Live…)  


  • There’s no Deadline,so keeps sending your story for us.
  • Send your submission to: 
  • Remember to add your NAME,TWITTER NAME & COUNTRY.
  • We will read all of your stories & choose 3 stories for every year’s EchelonDay.
  • We will post your story on Tumblr.
  • And Trend #HappyEchelonDay in the day you choose on Twitter.

*p.s If you have any question you can ask us on Tumblr,Facebook and Twitter.




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